Thursday, 22 January 2009

Drawing Marco Casagrande.
Installation 1:2001 for the Firenzen Biennale of Contemporary Art 2001.

Photo: Nathalie Pozzi, 2001.

15.000 religious, political and philosophical books from all over the world in different languages used as bricks for a round wall.

The installation in the Piazza Della Republica in the heart of Florence. This is the birh place of the Renaissance and also the Futurist movement.

Title-backs ouwards stating: Bible or Koran, Dao Te Chin or Das Kapital. Big interpretations of the big questions.

Inside everything turns out to be white paper. You can no longer tell, where is Koran or where is Bible. The man is in focus.

The installation continues now in the book shelves of the Florentine people. All the books were taken in a spontaneous act of the public, who ripped the installation to pieces.

You could see grandfathers going home with 5 kilograms of Lenin in languages he could never read.

Installation 1:2001
Architectonic installation for the Firenze Biennale 2001.

15.000 religious, philosophical, political etc. books in different languages from all over the world as building material for a round wall. Outside you see the big names, inside white paper. Man is in focus.

Borromini Award 2001.

The installation was ripped in pieces by the Firenze citizens, who took home the books. Normal people, not anarchists.

"In the future architecture will be designed by writers."

- Prof. Yoshio Kato

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